2005 Issues

Month Contents

  • How to help Katrina survivors
  • The Silent Auction needs your stuff!
  • New trees and guards at 320 RSD made
    possible by residents/board
  • Yard Sale, September 24
  • The street lights are coming, too
  • Block flowers do well — with lots
    of care
  • Reminders to book table contributors
  • The summer’s hit recipe" caviar
  • August 2004 financial report
  • To vendors and volunteers
  • Hidden neighborhood treasure
  • Will the Metro close? Art deco
    classic seeks a fresh foothold
  • Visiting red tail hawk
  • Landmarks in our neighborhood: the
    Master apartment building
  • State-of-the-art park just 30
    minutes away
  • Calendar of selected events
  • Ratings of local hospitals
  • Neighborhood services for hire
  • Our beautiful block: neighbors plant
    flowers; tree care and more!
  • Using coffee grounds as fertilizer
  • Disease strikes London Plane trees
  • Dead trees to be replaced
  • The Yard Sale’s coming!
  • Meet new board member Asia Ingalls
  • Price check in the dairy aisle!
  • Changes coming to Riverside Park:
    Riverwalk, 83rd to 91st Streets; turf on 103rd and 107th Street
    athletic fields
  • May 2005 financial report
  • Cathedral update
  • Farmers’ markets
  • That man on horseback at 106th
  • 311 gets the job done
  • Two food markets recently open:
    Gristedes and Garden of Eden
  • Calendar of selected events
  • "Quality of life" alert:
    neighborhood complaints raise concerns
  • Neighborhood services for hire

  • Follow your bliss: get involved in beautification
  • Intel science contest update
  • Friends, neighbors, and flowers:
    warm weather brings good news, good times
  • What is a Go bag?
  • March financial report
  • In remembrance: Jody Pope
  • A feast like Mama’s
  • Calendar of selected events
  • Disputes at the Cathedral of St.
    John the Divine
  • Neighborhood services for hire

MS Word
  • Favorite block son gains national attention
    as finalist in Intel Science Search
  • Fundraising campaign underway; dues
    raised to meet urgent need
  • Meet Lynn Bender Max
  • January financial report
  • Meeting report: West Side Federation
    of Neighborhood and Block Associations, Jan. 2005
  • New face at Riverside Park Fund
  • Three safety messages
  • Your neighborhood service publicized
    — free!
  • Interesting web sites
  • Changes along Broadway
  • Retail space at Columbia’s new
    faculty residence, Broadway and 103rd Street
  • Watch your butt!
  • Beautification bailiwick: And the
    winners are…
  • Calendar of selected events
  • Neighborhood services for hire
MS Word
  • Come join your neighbors — help
    our block thrive
  • Help our block — and make a fashion
  • 10 reasons why living on West End
    Ave and 104th St. is unbeatable
  • Neighbors’ comments about the block

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