2013 Issues

Month Contents December 2013PDF Letter From the President for 2013 Letter to the Editor December 2013 Financial Report Three Fall 2013 24th Precinct Community Council Meetings West Side Federation of Block Associations Update Bloomingdale Aging in Place (BAiP) 895 West End Building Re

2012 Issues

Month Contents December 2012PDF Happy Holidays: Letter from the President for 2012 Block Bulletin Board November 2012 Financial Report Special thanks to Teresa Elwert for tidying our Winter tree well beds Precinct Community Council Meetings West Side Federation of Neighborhood and Blo

2011 Issues

Month Contents December 2011PDF Happy Holidays! Letter from our President for 2011 Spring Planting Bloomingdale Aging in Place Community Health Service Day Parking Discount Reminder November 2011 Financial Report Neighborhood News Police Precinct Watch Selected Calendar of Events In P

2010 Issues

Month Contents December 2010PDF The 24th Precinct Community Council Don’t Let Pain Take Over: Strategies for Coping with Chronic Pain Good Reads: Revolution is Not a Dinner Party Spring Flowers November Financial Report Lost and Found Bloomingdale Aging in Place Panel: STAYING INDEPEN

2009 Issues

Month Contents December 2009PDF Happy Holidays from the W. 104th Street Blcok Association Baord of Directors Security Guard Explained November 2009 Financial Report Getting Ready for Spring Join the Solstice Songfest Good Reads: The Kite Rider by Geraldine McCaughrean Restaurant Revie

2008 Issues

Month Contents December 2008PDF Farewell to Elms Block Resident Awarded a MacArthur: Palliative Care Specialist, Dr. Diane Meier, Receives “Genius” Grant Block Bulletin Board Join the Solstice Songfest West 104 Street Block Association Financial Report November 2008 Phylli

2007 Issues

Month Contents December 2007PDF Our Broadway sparkles Celebrating a great West 104th St. year! Remembering Michael Dillon Letter to the editor Election results November 2007 financial report Yard Sale 2007 final report In the spotlight: Michael Deegan and "The Revels" Specia

2006 Issues

Month Contents December 2006PDF Fight to save local gem: West 104th St.’s automat future to be weighed again by Landmarks Preservation Commission Join your neighbors for neighborhood caroling Our block guard Do you need a special holiday gift? (West 104th St. T- shirt!) Letter t

2005 Issues

Month Contents September 2005 PDF How to help Katrina survivors The Silent Auction needs your stuff! New trees and guards at 320 RSD made possible by residents/board Yard Sale, September 24 The street lights are coming, too Block flowers do well — with lots of care Reminders to

2004 Issues

Month Contents December 2004 MS Word Holiday good wishes Street light replacement project President steps down Corrections to October 2004 newsletter November 2004 financial report Yard Sale final report Keep NYC firewood in NYC Know your neighbors: Jazz lovers take note In appreciati