Cell Phone Drive: June 1-30

A donated cell phone can become a lifeline for an isolated or otherwise vulnerable individual who needs to call 911. Secure the Call is a charity with a single mission: to collect and convert as many old cell phones as possible into 911 emergency access phones. Bring your used cell ph

Community Issues: Assembly Member Daniel O’Donnell

<strong>Community Issues: Our Assembly Member Daniel O’Donnell has been active on issues important to our community.</strong> Assemblyman O’Donnell has introduced three bills which may interest you. First, Mr. O’Donnell introduced a bill that would protect vulnerable popul

Remembering Claire List

She was just a voice from across the hall exchanging pleasantries until the blizzard happened in 1982. It was unexpected and so severe, traffic was paralyzed and could not get through the Lincoln Tunnel; and without cell phones nobody knew what became of friends and family en route to