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Twenty-Nine Annual West 104th Street Block Party October 14, 2018

2017 Block Party – October 14, 2017

We were graced with a successful 2017 Block Party, held Saturday, October 14, 2017.

The Block Party is a great way to turn your items into quick cash — and have a wonderful time in the process! The live music, bargains and crowds make our block party the most eagerly anticipated block party on the Upper West Side.

Stay tuned for details on our 2019 Block Party. We can’t wait!

Thanks to All Our Volunteers:

Bakery: Steve Pred, Katherine Randall, Gary Hughes, Mary Cargill, Laura Bronson, Arleen Danford, Miriam Duham, Paul Ziegler, Larry Rosenberg, Louise Rosen-
berg, Prina Halek, Donna Tapper, Daniel Jenkins, Ursula Strauss, Barbara Cowling, 102nd/103rd Block Association, Carol Prager, Ruth Helfrich, Paula Zirinsky, Miriam Duhan, Marlene Schonbrun, Hannelore Roston, Mary Ann Preston, Gail Bryce, Set-Up: Dan Jenkins, Ira Gershenhorn (Sound System), Joseph Dearce (320 Super,) Teresa Elwert, Victor Portelli (320 Super), Books: Pedro at 104th St. Deli, Emily Berleth, Jay Hector, Elizabeth Stone, Patty Smith, Linda Friedman, Nina Shapiro, Ra e: Ursula Strauss, Steve Max, Karen Odom, Robina Simpson, Ethan Zirinsky, Margaret Beels, Laura Bronson, Lani Sanjek, Patti Smith, Sharon Waskow, Gaetana Manuele, What-A- Bargain: Michelle Dearce, Angelo Jimeniz, Muriel Maning, Carol Goodfriend, Karen Odom, Elly Ledogar, Rebecca Silber, Silent Auction: Lydia Dufour, Robert Laven, and all board members who worked tirelessly to plan and execute the 2017 block party: Mary Koval, Gary Waskow, Larry Stern, Nancy Lian, Hanna Rubin, Mary Jo Gennaro, Lynn Max, Alex Grannis, Alex Bell, Steve Zirinsky, Joyce Mann, Martin Mann, Barbara Boynton, Barbara Bryan and Jeff Howitt.