Block Party Members

2017 Agreement for Block Party Members

Download the Block Party Member Agreement 2017 (111KB PDF)
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The Block Party is a great way to turn your items into quick cash — and have a wonderful time in the process! The live music, bargains and crowds make our block party the most eagerly anticipated block party on the Upper West Side.

This is the information prospective Block Party Members need to know about the Block Association’s Block Party. A signature page of this Block Party Member agreement is at the end of this document and is also attached as a separate document.

Before the Block Party

When and where it is 
The 2017 Block Party will take place Saturday, October 14 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Block Party is held outdoors on 104th Street between West End Ave. and Riverside Drive.

Space rental size and cost
Each space measures 10 feet wide by approximately 8 feet deep. The 2017 fees are:

  • $50 ** Discount rate for a West 104 Block Association Member
  • $55 for residents of the 300 block of West 104th St., 895/905 West End Ave., and 315/320 Riverside Dr.
  • $60 for non-block residents
  • **Early Bird Special** – $5.00 discount

We sell approximately 65 spaces. We do not sell half-spaces although you’re welcome to share your space with someone. (A single check should be sent for the space). You must bring your own tables, racks and chairs. We are not able to supply these items.

To reserve a space (2 choices Email and US “snail” mail)

To receive your confirmation via Email (highly recommended):

Print 1 copy of only the signature page of this Block Party Member agreement, sign and it drop off or send it via US Postal Mail to the address below. Your registration receipt will be sent to you via Email.

To receive your confirmation via US Postal Mail:

Print 2 copies of the signature page of this agreement, sign both and drop off or send both copies and your check along with a Stamped Envelope addressed to you to to the address below. If there is no Stamped Self Addressed Envelope included we cannot confirm your space.

We will begin accepting reservations on May 19 and will continue up to October 5th.


Include Payment – -You must include a check or money order made payable to the West 104th St. Block Association.
Forms to Send – – For Email Confirmation: Send only 1 signed copy of the signature page of this Block Party Member agreement.- For US Postal Mail Confirmation: Must send two signed copies of the signature page of this Block Party Member agreement.


Your Confirmation -Email Confirmation: An email
will be sent to you as your confirmation.-Postal Mail Confirmation: Must
include a stamped self-addressed envelope (SASE). Confirmation will be mailed back to you via US Post.

Once your check clears, you will receive confirmation by US postal mail or e-mail that your space is reserved.

Each Block Party Member will be assigned a specific space the night before the event. If you use e-mail, we can e-mail you your space assignment by 10 PM the night before the Block Party. No sooner. Please do not phone asking for your space assignment number. If you do not choose confirmation via email, you can get your assigned space from any of the “Block Party coordinators” on the block when you arrive at the Block Party.

Block Party Member coordinator
Gary Waskow
320 Riverside Dr., #8G
New York, NY 10025

A cell phone number will be post on our website the evening before the event. Call it to notify the block party member coordinator on the morning of the event if you will be late. If you have not arrived by 10:00 a.m. or have not called the block party member coordinator by then to let them know you will be late, we will consider you a no-show and can re-sell your space.

What you may and may not sell
Block Party Members may sell just about anything, but NOT food and drinks. Books may not constitute more than 50 percent of your selling stock. In the past we have found that used items sell best; new items tend not to sell well.

Who benefits from the Block Party?
The West 104th Street Block Association raises money for its activities and programs by fees from spaces and from sales of books, T-shirts, and silent auction items. Funds raised are used to pay for a block security patrol and for beautification. You keep the proceeds from the sale of your own items.

If you need to cancel before October 5th, we can refund your payment or you may donate the fee to the Block Association. If you cancel between October 5 and 9, we will refund your payment only if we are able to re-sell your space.

Refunds are not possible if you cancel after October 11th. There is no refund if you do not show up on the day of the Block Party or if we have to postpone to the following Sunday and you cannot make the rain date. We have only postponed once in 25 years but plan accordingly.

If there is a possibility of a cancellation due to bad weather – do a 9:00PM Check
On Friday night before the sale (or on a Saturday night if sale has been postponed due to weather) at 9 PM, check for email or call our answering machine for notice to stand-by until 7 AM the next morning when a final decision will be made. At 7 AM the next day, emails will be sent and the phone message updated to confirm if sale is cancelled or postponed. You can update yourself by any of the following three methods:

If you have given us your e-mail address We will send you an e-mail message
If you have no e-mail or Internet access Call 212 932-9082 to hear a pre-recorded message

If the Block Party is canceled entirely, your fee will be refunded in full.

Day of the Block Party

When to set up
You should arrive and start setting up at 8:00 a.m. on the day of the event. If you haven’t arrived by 10:00 or haven’t called the Block Party Member coordinator’s cell phone by then to let him know you will be late, we will consider you a no-show and may re-sell your space. The coordinator’s cell phone number will be posted on the website on the evening before the event. Once most Block Party Members have set up you may not be able to drive your car to your space so arrive early.

Getting your assigned space
Block Party Member spaces are numbered. See one of the Block Party coordinators who will direct you to your assigned space. (If you provided us with your e-mail address, we will have e-mailed you your space assignment number the night before and you can locate it yourself. Please do not phone asking for your space assignment number.)

About parked cars on the block
The block association makes every effort (including asking the police to tow violators) to remove parked cars from the block. We cannot guarantee, however, that your space will be car-free. We are sorry but we cannot reassign you to a car-free space. If your space has a car in it, please be aware that the driver may show up at any time and need to move off the block. We ask for your patience and understanding.

Emergency matters
New York City fire department regulations require that we leave five feet free on either side of our two fire hydrants. The police department also requires that we leave enough room down the middle of the street for emergency vehicles (fire, police, and ambulance) to pass. Please cooperate by not spilling over into a fire hydrant space or too far into the middle of the street. Your space measures 10 feet wide by approximately 8 feet deep.

After the Block Party

The Block Party is over at 5:00 p.m. We hope you will have had a profitable and fun day!

Cleaning up

You are responsible for cleaning up your space at the end of the day. The block association can provide you with two large garbage bags if needed. Just ask one of the coordinators. You must place all trash and leftover items into bags, seal them and bring them to the west end of 104th St. down at Riverside Drive. If you do not bring your bagged leftover items to the corner, and your space has not been cleaned, you will not be permitted to participate in next year’s Block Party.

Signature section

I have read this document containing information for Block Party Members interested in participating in the West 104th St. Block Association’s Block Party. I agree to its conditions by signing below and mailing two copies of this signature page along with my payment and either a SASE or my e-mail address to the Block Party Member coordinator. (If you prefer confirmation via email, send your payment and only one copy of the signature page and no SASE).

Download the 2017 Block Party Member Agreement (111KB DOC)
Download the Signature Page only (16KB PDF)


First Name
Cell Phone
Last Name
Evening Phone
Number, street and apartment
Day Phone
Address 2
Location Preference (Top: near WEA, bottom: near RSD, middle, other)
City, State, ZIP
Type of items to be sold (Ex., toys, jewelry, crafts, household, etc.)

Mail to: Block Party, West 104th Street Block Association
320 Riverside Drive, Suite 8G
New York, NY 10025

Received on
Confirm Sent MAIL or EMAIL