28th Annual Block Party – SATURDAY, October 14, 2017!

2013 West 104th Street Yard Sale.
All are welcome!
Trudie Grace runs the Refreshment Stand
Jeff Howitt - Yard Sale Chairman
2013 winner with Board Members (l-r) Lynn Max, Barbara Boynton, Jeff Howitt, Gary Waskow, Alex Grannis, Nancy Lian
Steve Zirinsky sells block association tote bags and T-shirts

Jeri and the Borg Plate: Is there anything you're selling that you're hoping maybe will not sell?2017 Block Party – October 14, 2017

We were graced with a successful 2017 Block Party, held Saturday, October 14, 2017.

The Block Party is a great way to turn your items into quick cash — and have a wonderful time in the process! The live music, bargains and crowds make our block party the most eagerly anticipated block party on the Upper West Side.

View the 2017 Block Party Member Details and download the agreement to reserve your space. We are accepting reservations NOW!

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