Individual dues account for most of our funding. Suggested dues are $40 per household per quarter, or $160 a year. Members have the option of allocating their dues to the program of their choice: security, beautification, newsletter, social, or board discretion.  The members who choose to allocate, will typically choose security.

Other funding sources are:

  • Contributions from three co-ops on the block
  • Proceeds from the Block Party, curbside cafes, walking tours, T-shirt sales, and special events
  • Newsletter ads and subscriptions
  • Contributions from film and television production companies


As an added bonus, the block association has negotiated a discounted monthly parking rate with the garage at 101st Street and Broadway.  All block association members who are up-to-date with their membership dues receive a substantial discount from the regular monthly rate.


Current Financial Report

July 2017 Finances
Opening Balance (07/01/17 – 07/30/17) $11947.91
Dues 190.00
Total +190.00
Guard Service 5496.84
Total -5496.84
Closing Balance (07/30/17) $6581.12