24th Precinct Community Council: Graffiti Incidents

Recent graffiti incidents in our neighborhood were discussed at the 24th Precinct Community Council on Wednesday, December 21. Captain William Burke, the newly appointed Commander of the 24th Precinct, stated that the graffiti was not considered a hate crime. Officer Paige Hilbig of the graffiti squad explained the graffiti had no specific meaning except to those who wrote it.

On our block, the graffiti was placed on a Tuesday, the block security guard’s day of. We have asked the block guard to report any graffiti on sidewalks, on the brownstones, etc. immediately so that we may contact the police. Graffiti around 104 and Broadway that included swastikas was done by an individual known to the police who has mental issues, Captain Burke stated. Te person is currently hospitalized in a psychiatric facility.

The precinct will update the block association on the progress of its investigation and whether videos from the building cameras revealed any information. If you see graffiti being placed or see the result of a graffiti incident, call 911 and report it.

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