The block is patrolled nightly by a security guard, visible by his orange vest and flashlight. The hours may vary, according to the season, but generally he is present between 4PM and midnight.  The presence of the guard is intended to act as a deterrent to unwanted and criminal activity on the street. In the event such activity occurs, the guard has been instructed to observe the incident and report it immediately via radio to the supervisor and/or police, as warranted, and in as much detail as possible. The guard is not armed and does not function in the capacity of a police officer.

In the event of a medical emergency on the street, the guard will offer any assistance he can, including calling 911.  He is also available to escort you home in the evening.  He carries a dedicated phone and will meet you at either West End Ave or Riverside Drive.

Security guard Phone Number: 347-723-1517

The City awarded the block association a grant to improve block security. The money was used to heighten backyard fences, install intercoms in various buildings, make lobby doors stronger, and install alarm boxes in the outer lobby of each building.

Member dues and other contributions pay for the security guard. Don’t delay: pay your dues today!