Your Safety Is Our Concern!

The mission of the West 104th Block Association is to ensure our street is safe, secure, and beautiful. One of our block residents alerted us that a tree on the north side of West 104th Street had two very large, dead branches. The dead branches hung over the sidewalk and street where we walk and park our cars.

We immediately placed a request to the NYC Parks Department to have them removed. After a month of no action and fearing for our residents safety, we placed a call to Assemply Memmber Daniel O’Donnel’s office to expedite the request. Justin, from Mr. O’Donnell’s office had the Parks Department out the same day to assess the situation and one week later – the branches have been removed.

On behalf of our residents, we would like to thank Daniel O’Donnell and Justin for their quick response to what could have been a serious situation.

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